WagerWeb Refer a Friend Bonus

  • Updated: May 7, 2014
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    WagerWeb Refer A Friend Bonus

    It pays to be popular at Wagerweb!!  Spread the word to your friends and WagerWeb will reward you with their Refer a Friend program where you can receive up to a 25% referral bonus to bet on Sports for every friend you refer! Refer as many friends as you can and each month the top three clients will share a piece of $3000 BONUS with NO ROLLOVER on top of the 25% REFERRAL BONUS you already get with every new customer referred. So dust-off that address book and get working, the more people you get to join, the better your chances with this sportsbook promo!


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    WagerWeb Refer a Friend Bonus
    It pays to be popular at Wagerweb! Take advantage of the Refer a Friend program ad get rewarded for spreading the word about WagerWeb to your friends!