Wagerweb NBA News – Durant Named 2014 MVP

  • Updated: May 8, 2014
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    Wagerweb NBA News – Durant Named 2014 MVP

    Forward Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder was named the NBA’s most valuable player on May 6, breaking a two-year hold on the award by Miami Heat star LeBron James. In fact, James has won the trophy four times in the past five seasons, but finished as runner-up this time around. Durant clinched the honor by earning a total of 119 first-place votes while James was named first on just six of the ballots. Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin came in third place in the voting.

    The 6-foot-9 Durant was the league’s top scorer this season with an average of 32 points per contest. He’s now won the scoring race four times in the past five years. His offensive skills helped the Western Conference Thunder end the season with the league’s second-best record of 59-23 even though three-time All-Star Russell Westbrook missed numerous games due to a knee injury.


    Westbrook said Durant was the most consistent player in the league this year and the Thunder couldn’t have finished as high as they did without him. He even went as far as calling his teammate the best basketball player in the world right now. James felt the same way as Westbrook and said Durant deserves the award and all the respect he gets around the league.

    Durant scored a minimum of 25 points in 41 straight games in 2013/14, which represents the third-longest stretch in league history. He enjoyed 14 games of at least 40 points and averaged 5.5 assists per game for a career high as well as 7.4 rebounds. He also shot 50 per cent from the field. New Orleans head coach Monty Williams is another of Durant’s fans and remarked that the MVP can do everything on a basketball court game in and game out.

    While Westbrook was out of action due to knee surgery the pressure to carry the team fell squarely on Durant’s shoulders. He scored an average of 35 points each game Westbrook was sidelined and added 6.3 assists while leading the Thunder to a 20-7 mark without his talented teammate. Durant said he became a better playmaker when Westbrook was out of the lineup as he wanted to pass the ball more often.

    The Thunder’s Nick Collison stated that many of his teammates take Durant for granted as he’s excellent in both ends of the court, but to do what he does on a regular basis takes incredible stamina and athleticism. He added that Durant has also become stronger over the past couple of years and opponents find they can’t push him around like they may have been able to do to a certain degree in the past. Durant proved once again this season that he’s one of the league’s most consistent performers, but there were a few occasions when he simply stood head and shoulders above everybody else.

    In a game in Minnesota on January 4 he scored 48 points and then equaled the mark in Utah two games later. On January 17 he scored 54 points for a career high against Golden State at home. Just two games after that he netted 46 more during a home showdown with Portland. He also hit a triple-double against Philadelphia and scored 51 points in 53 minutes during a double overtime game in Toronto. He also ended that contest by scoring a game-winning three-pointer with just 1.7 seconds to go.


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    Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder was named the 2014 NBA most valuable player breaking a two-year hold on the award by Miami Heat star LeBron James.