Super Bowl Prop Betting – Patriots Need a “Blount Instrument”

  • Updated: January 28, 2015
  • It is almost impossible to calculate the value of the personnel move the New England Patriots made in the middle of the season that seemed to fall completely into their laps. LeGarrette Blount was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and was left untouched on the waiver wire. That allowed coach Bill Belichick to pick him up and insert him into the New England backfield rotation. Smart bettors know what Belichick had in mind; to utilize Blount when it counted most, namely in the post-season. And the results have been evident. In the AFC title game against the Indianapolis Colts, Blount ran for 148 yards and three touchdowns. It was almost as good as his performance in last year’s playoffs, when he had 166 yards and four touchdowns against Indianapolis.

    So as the Patriots move into the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks (6:30 PM ET at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ), Blount winds up being potentially a very key factor in this game. And wouldn’t you know it; as controversy has swirled around the Patriots for this game, it has even touched upon the way New England was able to acquire Blount in the first, er, second place.


    Blount had gone to Pittsburgh is a free agent, with the understanding that he would be able to share responsibilities in the backfield with Le’Veon Bell. But the Pittsburgh brass apparently had Bell ticketed for something bigger, and indeed he had a very huge season, sitting second in the NFL rushing race when he went down with an injury. Bell and Blount were very close off the field, and in fact got arrested together for marijuana possession. The Steelers did not like Blount’s negative influence, as they saw it, over Bell, and Blount did not like the fact that his carries were severely limited.

    Bettors could sense that Blount had made a mistake in leaving New England, and apparently the running back felt the same way. He kept in touch with many of his teammates, including Stevan Ridley, who had been his colleague in the Patriots’ backfield, and, the story goes, he longed for the opportunity to go back.

    So the allegation, or at least the inference, is that Blount sort of engineered his exit from Pittsburgh, by leaving the sidelines and walking off to the locker room after a game. He was almost immediately released, which paved the way for his return to New England.

    And isn’t it interesting how things turned out? Wagerweb customers would seem to think so. Pittsburgh, as mentioned, had lost Bell with a knee injury and really had no one to shoulder the rushing burden as they moved into the playoffs against Baltimore. That had something of an effect, as they lost to the Ravens. Meanwhile, Blount carved up the Colts as he did last year, and now he does not have so much wear and tear as he endeavors to confront the Seattle defense, which has allowed only 3.4 yards per rushing attempt to this season.

    It is an accepted part of this game analysis to assume that New England is going to be looking for some balance in its offensive attack. That would absolutely require a lot of work on the part of Blount, and he is fully capable of carrying the load. No, he will not dominate this opponent the way he did the last, but to imagine him topping the figure in this prop is certainly not impossible, and can even afford us an edge if we are getting a price rather than laying one.

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    Super Bowl Prop Betting - Patriots Need a "Blount Instrument"
    Super Bowl Prop Betting - Blount winds up potentially being a key factor. Ironic with the way New England was acquired him in the first, er, second place