Super Bowl Odds – Will “Deflategate” Be a Factor?

  • Updated: January 29, 2015
  • As far as issues covered by the news media in the Super Bowl buildup that don’t really have a whole lot to do with what is going to happen in the game itself, it would be very tough to beat “Deflategate,” which stems from the strong suspicion that the New England Patriots have used deflated footballs, at the very least in their AFC title game victory over the Indianapolis Colts, and possibly other games. There is supposedly an investigation being conducted by the NFL, and there are all kinds of rumors as to what has been uncovered.

    There have also been controversies within the controversy, as Seattle’s All-Pro cornerback, Richard Sherman, was quoted in the press with the inference that the relationship between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was too cozy for any punishment to ever be handed down from the league. He pointed out that Goodell spent the day of the AFC Championship game at Kraft’s house, and that “it is was it is.”


    We’re not sure the Seahawks were looking for any relief from the league, but some members of the media certainly were, as if these accusations were red meat and they were jumping at it. Such is the way with the media onslaught prior to the Super Bowl; that much is understood. So does all of this have anything to do with what the final result is going to be?

    It is the feeling here that the Deflategate incident won’t have an overwhelming effect in the festivities. But we’re willing to play along a little. If all of this attention forces the Patriots to go about this process in a different way, there might, for example, be a certain effect. In other words, if the preponderance of attention that has been paid to makes them a bit self-conscious about it, that could have a certain residual impact.

    Also, Wagerwebcustomers might consider that some of this has gotten coach Bill Belichick out of sorts. He has taken to making statements at press conferences defending his team, in which he didn’t seem all that smug. And he has gone out of his way to mention that having to deal with answering for Deflategate has detracted from the time he’s had to prepare for the game. Such a thing would appear to make some logical sense.

    There would seem to also be a psychological effect on the Patriots here, from the standpoint that fewer people are going to believe that, in the event they win, their victory is not tainted. Some members of the press, who have not let up one bit, have said that they think any New England win would have to be accompanied by an asterisk. Maybe that’s a boost for this team; a rallying point, but there is more likelihood that it’s a downer.

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    Super Bowl Odds - Will "Deflategate" Be a Factor?
    Super Bowl Odds - we don't think the Deflategate incident will have an overwhelming effect in the festivities. But we're willing to play along a little.