Super Bowl Betting – Will Seahawks Be Able to Drop Brady?

  • Updated: January 28, 2015
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    The Seattle Seahawks have obviously been thinking about what kind of approach they want to take on defense for Sunday’s Super Bowl game. They could choose to throw a lot of pass rushers at Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, including blitzing linebackers. Or, they could concentrate on dropping guys back into coverage, electing to try and cut off passing lanes to Brady’s favorite receivers. The way they decide to play this will likely have quite an impact on the fate of those who are betting the proposition dealing with which team will have the most quarterback sacks that is currently posted by oddmakers.


    If you recall the last couple of Super Bowl appearances by the Patriots, Brady got more pressure than he may have bargained for from the New York Giants, and was forced to get rid of the ball a little too quickly on many occasions. But that was when New England was going a little more “down the field.” Now the Patriots thrive on a collection of quick, crisp, short passing routes that may bear some resemblance to a West Coast approach. It is inherent in this scheme that Brady throws the ball before the enemy can get to him. That is why he has suffered just 21 sacks (the Pats as a whole have given up 26).

    If Brady can succeed in doing this again on Sunday, regardless of whether his team wins or loses, there is a good chance that they will emerge the winner in the Super Bowl sacks prop, which won’t serve as much consolation to them but will have some definite meaning for those who risked money on it.

    Brady’s offensive line has been shifting around a little this season, and that began during training camp when guard Logan Mankins was traded. Bryan Stork, a rookie out of Florida State, wound up starting at center, which facilitated a move of Dan Connolly to guard. Former center Ryan Wendell is playing at another guard position. Yes, it may be a bit confusing, but the fact is that the Pats have held together very well in terms of keeping Brady upright. And left tackle Nate Solder, who would logically be considered to be the anchor of the pass protection, has not given up a sack in the last five games.

    The Patriots also did not have a sack on the part of the defensive line in their two playoff games, and that adds something else for Wagerweb customers to take into consideration. Also, one must consider that Stork has a knee injury that caused him to miss the AFC title game against the Indianapolis Colts and that has his status listed as “day to day.”

    The Pats are facing a quarterback in Russell Wilson who has been more susceptible to getting chased down by opposing pass rushers, even though he is elusive enough to have piled up 849 rushing yards on the season. Wilson does have a tendency to hold onto the ball, and that is not all bad, especially if he can avoid making a damaging mistake. He was very good at taking care of the ball during the regular season, with seven interceptions, although he did let things get out of control in the NFC title game, as he threw four footballs that landed in the hand of Green Bay Packers. With 42 sacks, he appears to be much more prone to hitting the turf at the hand of someone in the opposing jersey.

    The Seahawks did not throw a lot of blitzes at Aaron Rodgers, and it’s not likely that they will go with more than a four-man rush most of the time against Brady. Instead, they might prefer to punish the New England receivers as much as they can when they do catch it. This strategy would certainly favor the Pats, even at -155 in this prop.

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    Super Bowl Betting - Will Seahawks Be Able to Drop Brady?
    Super Bowl Betting - Seahawks didn't throw a lot of blitzes at Aaron Rodgers - it's unlikely they will go with more than a 4-man rush vs Brady.