NBA Betting – Celtics Ready to Make Move Toward Playoff Spot with Thomas Pickup

  • Updated: February 25, 2015
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    The Boston Celtics are in tenth place in the Eastern Conference, which is pretty tough at the top, although not deep. But their playoff hopes are very much alive. In point of fact, the last two spots in the East playoff queue are up for grabs, with Charlotte and Miami well under the .500 mark. Coming out of the All-Star break, the Celts were just a game and a half behind them, with Detroit and Indiana breathing down their collective neck. So Bettors can consider them to be in a genuine race at the moment.

    That’s why it was important that they make a significant move before the trade deadline passed, and indeed they have done that. Isaiah Thomas, no relation to the Hall of Famer of a similar name (slightly different spelling) was acquired from the Phoenix Suns, who felt some need to break up their backcourt. Boston made that deal and one other, and sent veterans Marcus Thornton and Tayshaun Prince packing.


    Of course, none of this is likely to improve the Celtics’ odds of winning the East significantly; they are 275-to-1 to do it, according to the oddmakers. But they have most definitely improved their chances to capture a playoff spot.

    It is not known whether Thomas will work his way into a starter’s role, ahead of the current point guard, rookie Marcus Smart, or come in off the bench. But it is clear that he could conceivably do either of those things. What the Celtics are getting is a little guy who is explosive and can score from the point, He has better offensive moves than Rajon Rondo, who was dealt off to Dallas earlier in the season. Last season the 5’9″ Thomas, who was the last player picked in the draft when he turned pro, averaged 20 points a game for the Sacramento Kings. And he was coming off the bench and bringing heat to the Suns, with a 15-point average.

    Yes, one must acknowledge that Thomas is a “shoot first” guy, and maybe that does not make him so ideal to play the point. In Sacramento, they have been happier with Darren Collison running the show, although they haven’t won all that much. But you don’t mind many guys who can take it coast-to-coast and do it in a flash, and Thomas most certainly fits that description.

    Wagerweb patrons are well aware that the Celtics were in a campaign to stockpile draft choices, and that stopped during this trading period. For the young coach, Brad Stevens, it would not be a bad experience to challenge for a playoff spot, as it is there for the taking, Of course, Miami made a move to strengthen itself, bringing aboard one of Thomas’ teammates from Phoenix, Goran Dragic, and Charlotte made a deal to get Mo Williams.

    Stevens, who guided Butler into two straight national championship games during his tenure there, has the ability to do something with what this roster could become. Letting go of a couple of veteran players who might otherwise cause salary cap problems won’t be all that hurtful.

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    NBA Betting - Celtics Make Move Toward Playoff Spot
    NBA Betting - Celtics acquire Isaiah Thomas (no relation to the Hall of Famer) from Phoenix, send veterans Marcus Thornton and Tayshaun Prince packing.